R·O·T·U· World (Rebels of the Underground World) is an American based company based in San Francisco, California. Founded by Marcus Orelias, March 2012 and rebranded in 2015. The company is best known for its music division and producing 20s A Difficult Age content. R.O.T.U. specializes in musical content and product branding (including banding of recording artist).

Name Edit

According to the company's official website. The company name is an acronym that comes from Marcus Orelias's first studio album, Rebel of the Underground released June 21, 2013. Except the word "rebel" is made plural as "rebels".

Recording Artist Edit

  • Marcus Orelias (2012)
  • Antlionnn (2013)

Brands Edit

  • 20s A Difficult Age (2017)

Production Edit

Music Edit

  • Marcus Orelias - Rebel of the Underground (2013)
  • Antlionnn - M4RS (Soft Release; 2016)
  • Marcus Orelias - 20s A Difficult Age (2017)

Print Edit

Graphic Novels Edit

  • Vol. 1: 20s A Difficult Age - The Blue Madjai (2018)